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Over the past 30 years we have learned a thing or two about moving. 

Our blog is here to share tips to help make your move stress free. 

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Tips to help you prepare for your move.

5 Tips for Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive When Moving



Will you be moving during the Christmas holidays? 

Our tips will help you keep the holiday spirit alive.

  1. Christmas Eve Must Haves – do NOT let the movers pack the Christmas stockings. Keep the family Christmas stockings and a few select ornaments with you in your vehicle. Do not let these items get on the moving truck. You will want to display these things in your hotel room or wherever you will be spending Christmas Eve. 
  2. Presents – since space will probably be very limited in your vehicle, we suggest you pack small gifts or have larger presents delivered to your hotel room or destination. Amazon Prime two-day shipping makes it easy for Santa to make his delivery on Christmas Eve.
  3. Keep the Christmas Spirit Alive – now is not the time to be cynical about moving during the holidays. Adopt a positive mindset and keep the Christmas spirit alive. Sing Christmas carols while driving, reminisce about Christmas past and find places to explore on your trip. Skype or FaceTime with family and friends during your road trip and on Christmas Day.
  4. Acknowledge Negative Emotions – be prepared for the sad times. Try not to get angry when others display negative behavior. Understand that moving is stressful and can be emotional. Do your best to prepare everyone, and keep them informed of the plan for each day so no one feels lost or left out.
  5. Make Memories - enjoy the adventure and make new memories that will be shared with future generations. If one person loves to take pictures, appoint that person to be the family photographer. Does someone enjoy researching online? Appoint that person to be the historian and share information about your new destination. Get everyone involved and make positive memories that will last a lifetime. 

Moving during the holidays can be a fun and memorable experience when you follow our tips. 

J.E. Thomas & Sons Moving looks forward to helping you with your next move and making it stress-free. 

Preparing Your Outdoor Equipment for Moving


Here are some tips to prepare for us to move your outdoor equipment.

Swing Sets

Please dismantle before we arrive. Wipe away any dirt that could cause rust. If there are screws or nuts and bolts used for assembly put these in a ziplock bag, so they do not get lost. 

Barbecue Grills

Empty out the charcoal and clean your grill. If your grill uses propane, please disconnect the propane tank. Remember, we cannot move the propane tank.  

Swimming Pools

If it is an inflatable pool please deflate. Ensure the pool is free of water so that it does not mold or mildew in transit.  

Lawn Furniture

Again ensure your chairs and table are clean and free from dirt and sand before we arrive.  


Once you get these items ready for our arrival we recommend you cover them with a tarp or store safely in your garage. You do not want an afternoon thunderstorm to get everything wet. 


Tips for Moving in the Heat!


Summer is a busy moving season because kids are not in school.  Moving is somewhat arduous under the most favorable circumstances yet doing so during the summer presents unique challenges. While moving in the summer, you'll have to give a tad bit of additional thought to how and what you are packing, and how to beat the heat.


Proper packing of household items is your best protection against property damage, regardless of whether you're moving a short distance or cross country. It's enticing to leave everything to the last minute. But don’t. Successful moves start with planning.


Some Items are advised not to be packed, as they won't fare exceptionally well in a hot moving truck and ought to be brought with you in your vehicle or donated to someone who can use them. Items such photo albums and candles do not fare well in a moving truck in the summer. Also, musical items such as instruments, cassette and video tapes, compact disks and vinyl records could warp or be damaged by high temperatures in a hot truck. 


Separate things that may cause problems during the move. Along with the above-mentioned items, don’t forget that certain baking ingredients or foods will not move well during the summer. Make it easy for your movers by separating the things that will not go in the moving truck, so they know what not to pack.

Do not wrap leather upholstered furniture in plastic; it will sweat; pad leather furniture with blankets instead. You can also remove furniture legs if detachable to prevent damage.


Moving in the summer heat is exhausting and draining. It is critical that you stay hydrated during the moving process, since you will most likely have your doors open letting the heat in your home. It is recommended that you keep cold water on hand not only for yourself but for your movers. They will probably have their own water, but it is always nice to offer them something cold to drink. 

When you and your movers stay hydrated there is less of chance that a heat related injury or illness will occur. Staying hydrated will also help keep the packing and moving process moving along at the expected tempo. 

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If you have questions about what can be 

safely packed and moved, please contact 

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We are here to take the stress out of your 

summer move.  

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Three Things to Remember Before Moving with Your Pets


Before you move with your pet:

 1. Make sure their microchip is up to date with your current cell phone numbers.

2. Have all their medical records and shot records with you. You never know when you will need to show proof that they are current

3. Make sure they have a tag on their collar (even if it's a kitty). Remember, you're moving, so your previous address won't work. Get a new tag with your phone number on it, instead.  

Understand What Movers Cannot Move

Plan for Our Arrival

J. E. Thomas & Sons preparing for a move.

We are often asked what can be packed and moved. It is easier to list what cannot be packed and placed on the moving truck. 

To maximize your movers time and your investment we encourage you to ensure the below products are NOT present 

on the day the movers arrive to pack your belongings. 


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has Hours of Service (HOS) that most drivers must follow. You do not want your packing delayed because your movers have met their HOS. The HOS start when they leave their place of business, and you must remember to factor in the time it will take them to return to their place of business. 

You do not want to pay your movers to spend their time sorting what they can and cannot put on the truck. 

We recommend donating items that cannot be moved to friends, family, or a local organization in your community that will benefit from the gift. 

If at any time you are preparing for our arrival and you have a question, please give us a call at 910-455-0481

We are here to make your move as stress-free as possible. 

Hazardous Items


  1. Anything Flammable
  2. Acids, Aerosols, & Most Cleaning Products
  3. Weed Killer, Fertilizer, & Propane Tanks

Contact us for a complete listing of items that we cannot move at 910.455.0481 or click on the button below and send us a message.

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Perishable Items


  1. Opened Food Products
  2. Things in Glass Containers
  3. Things that Can Melt Due to Heat

Get Organized for Your Move in 2018

J. E. Thomas & Sons are ready to move you and your family in 2018.

J. E. Thomas & Sons - January 2018


Moving does not have to be stressful. We've all heard the horror stories of a pot on the stove with food in it being wrapped and packed. Or the movers packing the air mattress and linens that were going to be used for the actual move. Our tips below will help you maximize your move and reduce stress.

1. Moving Binder.

Create a moving binder. A moving binder is where you will keep inventory and To Do checklists, important papers, phone numbers, and contracts. We recommend you select a binder that is a bright color or a color that does not blend in with all the other binders on your bookshelf. You want to easily identify it. Hold on to your moving binder on moving day or keep it in your vehicle. You do not want it packed and put on the moving truck. 

2. Sort.

Now is the time to sort your household items, clothing, and toys into categories – keep, toss, and donate. Make a timeline to ensure you get through each room before the movers arrive. Donate and toss items you do not want to take with you before the movers arrive. Do not spend money having things that you no longer need or want being packed and move

3. Identify and Stage.

After completing step two above, you will want to stage the items that you do NOT want the movers to pack and move in a room that they do not enter. Put a note on the door – do NOT move the contents in this room - or something similar. This step will save your movers time and supplies, which will save you money.  .

4. Visualize.

Visualize where your items will go in your new home. Look at the floor plan or the actual place and decide where you want your furniture placed. When the movers arrive, the unloading will go faster and smoother.  

5. Stress Pack.

Create a stress pack for each family member. The contents will be age appropriate and used to keep stress at bay. For children, you may have a few new books, coloring books, games, etc. You want new items, so the child can't say they already read the book or played the game. Include a few favorite snacks and any medications that may be needed. For adults, you may want to include pain medication or aspirin, favorite snacks, and single serve beverages of choice. Make these unique for each person, and when tempers start to fly, you can provide the stress pack to de-escalate the hissy fit. 


Moving does not have to be stressful. These five tips will help you get organized and reduce the stress typically associated with moving while saving you money. We look forward to helping you with your next move. Contact us for a free estimate at 910-455-0481.